Thursday, September 4, 2008

Funny Preschool Story

So, I usually encounter some funny story or circumstance through working at a preschool. I teach four year olds and this was just too good not to share:

Little Johnny (HIPPA prevents me from sharing his real name) had to come to school an extra day this week because his mom had to go to the doctor. She was experiencing painful shortness of breath. When he asked his grandmother why his mom had to go to the doctor, Grandma said, "Well, honey. Her breathing is bad right now and they need to figure out why." Being the sweet little boy that he is, Little Johnny makes his mom a card and gives it to her and says, "Mama, I'm sorry about your bad breath."

This is the same little boy who was waking up very early for a while and wearing his mom out. She sat him down one day and said, "Little Johnny, you have got to stop getting up at the crack of dawn." The very next day at the McDonald's playground, when it's time to leave, he tells a friend, "I have to go home and take a nap 'cause I've been up dawn's crack."

I love my job.


Cornelius Crew said...

Aren't little kids great!!

Momo Jo said...

I love your job too.

Jamita said...

Just wait, soon we'll be writing stories about Jack & Abbott.

Anonymous said...

What priceless treasures. Talk about stress relief! :) Aunt Lissa