Friday, September 12, 2008

Abbott Update

Well, Abbott has given us new things to experience from day one and so this experience is no different. If you remember way back when he was 3 weeks old, Abbott had some blood in his stool. This is how we discovered his dairy/soy allergy. Well, shortly after starting rice cereal, he had another diaper with some blood in it (on Sunday this past week). We went to the doctor on Monday and after examining the diaper (glamorous, eh?), they concluded that there was not enough blood in the stool to think that he had another type of allergy, and the doctor believed he only had a small tear in his rectum. Just to be sure, though, they sent his diaper off for further testing. Well, test results came back on Thursday and he tested positive for Clostridium Difficile or C. Diff. This is basically a "bad bug" that everyone has but can colonize into unsafe levels and cause serious syptoms, one of them being blood in the stool. If left untrested, it can be very serious. The doctor thinks we caught it early since Abbott presented no other symptoms and we began our antibiotics yesterday. Now if only we could rid him of this pesky congestion and cough......

On a different note, Abbott and I headed to Knoxville this weekend so we could see the fam. Ryan is holding down the fort at home, and working and checking out the "Next Big Nashville" event this weekend. It's pretty's a weekend dedicated to showcasing Nashville's unsigned artists. I have a friend or two playing this weekend....hopefully they will get some exposure! I am sure that my sister will take plenty of pictures this weekend so maybe before the weekend is up there will be some pictures on my blog or hers. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh yes, and PLEASE say a prayer for Texas right now. I have some family that has evacuated and some that have decided to stay so I am just waiting on updates from them. I saw on the news a truck carrying a homemade sign saying, "Go home Ike. Tina's not here." My sentiments exactly.

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