Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ryan and I are in Fayetteville, NC this weekend for my good friend, Heidi's, wedding. Abbott is staying in Knoxville with Jami and Jack this weekend (a 9 hour drive with a child who eats every 3 hours did not sound like fun) and Jami has posted many pictures and probably the cutest video I have ever seen. Go see her blog here: Jami's Blog.

Today is the wedding and Ryan and I will head back to Nashville tomorrow so hopefully I can post some pictures from the weekend tomorrow night. Last night was my first night not putting Abbott to bed and I think I did OK. It helps that there is a lot to do this weekend and it keeps my mind off of not being with him. And I know he is in great hands with his Aunt Jami!

Have a great weekend! :)


Jamita said...

He IS in great hands with his Aunt Jami! Only I could get him to sleep tonight. Not Uncle Justin or Momo Jo but as soon as he was with me, he was out! :) I know he loves his Uncle Justin and Momo Jo though, Aunt Jami just has the magic touch! I hope I don't have to come home with you and put him to sleep every night! We have had a fun time even though Jack was sick!

Audra Lynn said...

The first time away is ROUGH. I think Aidan was over a year old before I braved it. Kudos to you!