Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A wedding, a doctor update and a big ole' belly

This past weekend, my good friend, Leah got married. She looked beautiful and it was a great ceremony. I am so glad that she found someone to spend her life with. She deserves it! This gave Ryan and I a chance to dress up (which for me is quite difficult lately) and also get to see some old friends. I got to see Angie and Krista on this past weekend too....both at the wedding and at Leah's lingerie shower the night before. It was so much fun to get together with those girls and laugh. I missed that a lot. In the picture with us four girls, Angie is on the far left (she is also pregnant just about 4 weeks behind me), Krista is center left, Leah is the bride, and my big ole' belly is on the right.

I went to the doctor this morning and although I am measuring a bit large (the doctor says I'm going to have a big baby), nothing exciting is happening. No dilation, no effacing, no NOTHING. He's perfectly fine in there and doesn't seem to want to come out just yet. Oh well, there will always be more stuff to do to get ready for his arrival! I guess the more time we have to prepare the better. I go to the doctor every week now so I will post updates as I get them!

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Amy Wood said...

OK Miss...where are the nursery picts ???