Sunday, February 17, 2008

The past week...

I haven't posted in a while so I thought I might just give a brief update on the past week for me/us.

Last weekend we had a HUGE shower in KY with Ryan's family. It was awesome.....we got a ton of stuff. I truly hope we get the chance to use it all! Mom, Dad, Jami and Jack came in for the weekend and after the shower they helped us set up the nursery a little more. It will now be a good place for Abbott to sleep if he comes early! Jack helped sweep, or "weep" my house. He did a better job than I do!

Thursday was Valentine's Day. Ryan left that morning for "Coffee Fest" in Washington DC. We had a V-Day party in my class at High Hopes. I don't know if you know this or not, but in preschool we celebrate "Valen-time's Day." I got to try to answer the age old question, "What does 'Valen' mean?" I tried.....I don't think they got it.

Friday, I headed to Knoxville for what is probably my last trip before the baby arrives. Saturday we shopped a little and I picked up some bigger shoes for my ever expanding feet. Shoe size pre-pregnancy: 8; shoe size I purchased Saturday: 10. Feet actually growing? Yes. Feet swelling? Yes. I will take a picture and post it when they're really good and swollen. It'll make you feel sorry for me. Really, though, don't feel sorry because that's my only real complaint thus far in the pregnancy.

Today is Sunday. I will head back to Nashville after lunch and get ready for my work week. Ryan comes home tonight from "Coffee Fest." Maybe things will slow down a bit before Abbott comes......I doubt it. :)


Cornelius Crew said...

So sorry about your feet, that's one of the only problems that I didn't have! Oh, what is coffee fest?

Jamita said...

Try this next time your kids ask what "Valen" means. I think they'll get it then. (courtesy of wikipedia)

Valen is a character in the fictional universe of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5. Although he has only one scene in the show, he is an important character in the history of the Minbari, and is frequently mentioned. He is most notable for being the subject of a major plot twist in the third season, in which it is revealed that he is actually Jeffrey Sinclair, a major and established character on the show. This revelation resolves Sinclair's major plot arcs, which had been in motion since the pilot of the series.