Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mommy and Abbott day

Ryan is in Alabama for the weekend having a "mancation" with some friends (some guys rented a cabin in the woods and are going to grill out and smoke cigars all weekend before one of them gets married). Anyway, while Ryan is gone, Abbott and I have had some big fun! This morning, we had a breakfast date at one of my favorite restaurants, then we headed straight to the zoo. We got there about half an hour after it opened so it wasn't too hot, we got a decent parking space and best of all, there were NO CROWDS...yet.

Here, Abbott is meeting alpacas for the first time. They were more interested in the sound on the other side of the fence than in meeting Abbott, though.
This part of the zoo is called "Critter Encounters." Fancy name for a petting zoo, but it was so fun to watch him be able to get so close to the animals. He had no fear...just walked right up to pet a goat!

This was kind of the look on his face the whole time we were there. He almost fell asleep on the way there so he was a little dazed. There were a couple of exhibits where he perked up, though.
Isn't it beautiful?
The bamboo favorite part of our zoo.
This is one of the baby tiger cubs. When we got there, they were both at the very back of the exhibit. There was this photographer there who has come at least weekly to photograph them and chronicle their growth. He has gotten to know them and calls them by name. He got one of them to come to the front of the fence, where I was able to get a pretty good picture and she made Abbott laugh when she ran towards the fence!
This is both of them at the very back of their exhibit.
A nice lady took our picture by the elephants.
I love the elephant savannah. It's so open and know, for a zoo and all.
When we came home, Abbott took a three hour nap! The zoo sure wore him out today.

This afternoon, I was doing some dishes while Abbott was playing and exploring his newfound freedom in walking. I must have left him alone a little too long because when I was done, I discovered that he had emptied out an entire package of diapers and loaded them all on my bed. I don't know why we get the kid toys. It seems that a package of diapers is all he needs to keep busy!

We have had fun with just mommy and Abbott time, but we sure are ready to see Daddy! He will be home tomorrow morning and then he is playing at the vineyard tomorrow. I am sure we will have some pictures from then too!

Thanks for reading!


Jami said...

very cute. fun day for everyone!

Audra Lynn said...

Diapers, how fun! Aidan used to empty out the wipes box for me. Looks like you had a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Abbott you are so precious and I love and miss you. Sounds like you and Mommy had a good time today. Love you, Aunt Lissa

janet said...

All alone in Nashville looks pretty fun!! He looks like such a big boy in these pic's...he is going to love the Safari in AnimalKingdom!