Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tubes and a Green Thumb

This morning, Abbott had a small surgery: tubes in his ears. He had so many ear infections that the doctor decided it was time. We went in super early this morning and he did really well in the waiting room, walking all over the place and making friends. He even did well when we went back to get prepped for the procedure (this is in spite of not being able to eat or drink anything after midnight last night). He loved being able to sit on a hospital bed and he had the nurses in love with him from the get go. They gave him something similar to baby vallium to help him relax and boy did he ever relax! He kicked back on that bed and just chilled out for 20 solid minutes before they took him back to surgery. It was too funny. Before I had the chance to get into the magazine I picked up, they came out to tell us it was over and we could go get him. He had a pretty rough time waking up....he was confused and hungry for the msot part. I am sure he didn't know what to think of his body feeling the way it did after being knocked out. Anyway, we are home now and he is napping. We will have some drops to put in his ears for the next few days, but other than that life is back to normal for us....hopefully with less trips to the pediatrician!

We spent Sunday afternoon in the yard while Daddy mowed. Abbott helped me plant some flowers and had a general good and dirty old time. Here are some great pictures I got!

This is how a little boys pants should look after playing in the yard!

Getting right in there with the dirt...atta boy!

I used the cups to get the soil out of the bag...Abbott used them just to carry around.

A man and his yard.

On Friday we leave for Texas for my cousin's baby shower and a fun visit! We are so excited to see everyone!


Jamita said...

He's so stinkin' cute! Can't wait to see y'all.

Momo Jo said...

He needs to come over and help Popo in our yard.