Sunday, May 3, 2009

Picture catch up

Since I hardly did anything with blogging last month, I figure I had better play catch up for those of you who check it every once in a while (thanks for doing that, by the way)! So here are some of our pictures from the last month. Enjoy!

Abbott loves music...and dancing. He caught everyone's attention while we were at the vineyard watching Ryan because not only was he the cutest baby there...ahem...but he was dancing to the beat! He takes after his mommy for sure.

Some very friendly (and I am sure slightly intoxicated) woman volunteered to take our picture....after she noticed that Abbott was the cutest baby, I mean, dancing to the beat. (Those clouds behind us are not as ominous as they appear....this was taken at dusk).

Ryan got some new drumsticks.....and Abbott likes to play with them....A LOT. He cries when we have to be "all done" with the drum sticks.

This is a funky little quilt/blankie I made for a friend of mine. She's due any second now.

Jami and Jack blew through Nashville on their way home from Texas. We picked them up at the airport on Tuesday night (much too late for my liking....Abbott was already in bed when we got them here) and Jack and Abbott had about 45 minutes to play before I had to leave to get to work. Here is a cute little video of the two of them rockin' out together! We are in for some trouble when Abbott is really walking independently....he will follow Jack anywhere.

OK so this wasn't just a picture post, but that's OK. Hope you enjoyed my catch up and I hope to do some more soon!


Audra Lynn said...

I love that he dances! That's awesome.

Jamita said...

silly boys. we are in for some funny funny times, i'm sure!

Kelly said...

I think it's pretty awesome too!