Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's almost Christmas...

...and I have a sick baby. Tuesday morning, Abbott started throwing up. He didn't keep anything down the whole day. Wednesday, he went to Grammie's house while I went to work where he had diarrhea most of the morning and then started throwing up that afternoon. I took him to the doctor where I was informed that I was about the tenth mom with the same information that day. Wonderful news. I was told that Abbott was on the brink of dehydration and if I didn't want to take him to the emergency room, I had to give him one teaspoon of Pedialyte every five minutes for an hour. If he could keep that down, I could increase it to two teaspoons every five minutes for an hour, repeating the process and gradually increasing amounts until he could hold down an ounce or two of Pedialyte and then we could try formula again in small amounts. Well, we have done that process since Wednesday night three times. Each time we get to an ounce or two of formula, it comes right back up. He is such a sad little baby right now because he wants to play but he gets so tired so quickly. Anyway, our doctor has a walk in clinic tomorrow and we are going to go and make sure we are still doing the right thing. They said a stomach virus can last a week or more sometimes.....I sure hope we're coming to the end of it. We were supposed to leave this morning for Kentucky to spend some time with Ryan's family and we had to cancel. So sad, but it is for the best I am sure. We are supposed to leave for Texas on Friday so just pray that he will be better before then. Caring for a sick baby is tiring!

On a much happier note, here are some pictures from fairly recently. Enjoy!

Look at those beautiful eyes!
"LUKE...I am your FAH-THAH."
Happy boy!
He sure does love his daddy.

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Audra Lynn said...

Poor Abbott! I've had to do that Pedialyte business before. It's not any fun. :( I hope he feels better soon!