Saturday, August 2, 2008

This week

Sunday 7/27: Ryan plays at the vineyard. Abbott stays with Grammie and Pops, Mommy goes to hang out with friends at vineyard and get overheated.

Monday 7/28: Kelly goes to work....has terrible day with really difficult student....comes home and is elated to see Abbott roll over for the first time!

Tuesday 7/29: Happy 4 month birthday, Abbott!! Better day at work for Kelly, Abbott rolls over for Ryan at home. Kelly and Ryan attend party for "The Nashville 9" project....Kelly enjoys the chance to dress up, but ultimately the heels kill her feet.

Wednesday 7/30: Average day. No Major news to report. Hump Day. Kelly goes to bed at 8:30.

Thursday 7/31: Ryan works long day, then goes out to Doug's birthday celebration. Happy 27th birthday, Doug! Kelly stays up making Rice Krispy Treats for her class to eat during the movie they get to watch on Friday.

Friday 8/1: Pre-K graduation at High Hopes. Lots of funny moments.....most notably the "song" the kids learned that they screamed at the audience. Kelly's students love movie time and kind of like the treats. Kelly eats several of the treats herself and then the other teachers finish them off. Ryan has gig at open house party. Kelly goes to bed at 9:30.

Saturday 8/2: Ryan works. Kelly and Abbott have great fun together at home. Abbott smiles A LOT. Kelly and Ryan eat seafood for dinner and stay in for the evening.


Jamita said...

Thanks for the nice, to-the-point update. Can't wait to see y'all this next weekend. Love ya.

Momo Jo said...

All things considered, I'd say you had a pretty good week.

See you soon!

Love you.