Thursday, July 24, 2008

My newest hobby

Before Abbott was born, Ryan bought me this really great book of crafts to do for babies. I just now got it out and started making some things. I have gotten creative with some of the patterns, and have found that these make great baby gifts and are not too hard to make! I can make some for your next baby gift too, for a small fee! It only takes me a couple of hours to do the more detailed pairs with the prints, but I can do the solid colored ones in about an hour.

I made these for a friend who is having a little boy any day now. Abbott has some that are opposite in color.

I made these for my friend, Sarah. She gave them to a girlfriend of hers that just had a baby girl.

These are Abbott's pair. He also has some blue and gray ones.

These don't belong to any feet yet.

These went to one of Sarah's co-workers.

If you need a clever, handmade and original baby gift, just let me know!


Jamita said...

can you make bigger ones to fit over my bandaged feet so they look cool?

Popo said...

Nice work! Hope this becomes a worldwide mega-conglomerate business! Loveya!

Cornelius Crew said...

Very cute! What are they made of? I'd love a pair, but Dacie is walking now so do you think they'd hold up to that?

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you smart! Can't wait to see you three. Give Abbott a big kiss for me. Love you. Aunt Lissa

Jennifer Jarnagin said...

That 1st pair belongs to my little precious and I can't wait for him to get to wear them!! So hurry up, Baby J!!!!!