Saturday, August 16, 2008

A few pics

Time sure is flying by much faster than I would have it go! Abbott will be 5 months old on the 29th of this month and I can't believe all the things that he is doing. He is rolling over (still only one way; from front to back), he is laughing, he is grabbing his feet and exploring them, he is experimenting with what his mouth can do and what his voice can do. He is learning so much! It seems like only a week or so ago, we were coming home from the hospital and he was teeny tiny. I suppose the next thing I know, he'll be headed off to college and I'll have a LOT more gray hair than I already have! :) Today, Abbott and I don't have much to do....thank goodness! Ryan is at work and Abbott and I are just hanging out together on our Saturday! Tomorrow will be much more fun though because Ryan has off from work so we will get a much needed family day! I have decided to post some pictures from this month as well as a video from Abbott's short-lived growling phase (it lasted about a week). Enjoy!


Angela said...

He's so cute!! Have a fun Saturday!

Audra Lynn said...

Okay, you have me rolling laughing with the growling. I never would've thought to call it that, but it so fits.