Tuesday, August 5, 2008

4 month checkup

Abbott went for his 4 month check up today. He now weighs 16 pounds and 7 ounces and he is 27 inches long! Ryan and I are fairly small people so we don't know where this child came from, but we're glad he's ours! He has been a little fussy tonight, but I would be too if I got shot 3 times in the leg and didn't feel well because of it! He's a trooper and I know he'll be good tomorrow!

On Friday, we head to Townsend in the Smoky Mountains to hang with Mom, Dad, Jami, Jarred, Jack, Wannie, Poppa, Aunt Lissa and Uncle Don. For those unfamiliar with those names, that's my parents, my sister and her husband and my nephew, my grandparents, and my aunt and uncle. It'll be so fun.......they are all already there so they're having fun without us, even though they tell me they aren't. I can't wait til Friday!

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