Thursday, May 1, 2008

Abbott's not so big day

Today was great! No fussy baby (so far) and nothing major to complain about! I will tell you a funny story though. Abbott and I got up this morning and went to visit High Hopes so that I could sign a form and so that I could show off my baby! We came home afterwards and had some Abbott and mommy time and then decided to go to the store so that I could find vitamins for myself that do not contain soy (a VERY difficult and expensive task....turns out one bottle is $35) and calcium supplements (also not containing soy) since I am not able to drink milk right now. As we were getting ready to go, Abbott lets me know he needs a diaper change. While examining his bowel movement for any blood (exciting, huh?), Abbott starts to pee straight up into the air. I do the only thing I can think to do at that point, which is put my hand over it so it doesn't shoot in his eye anymore, until he finishes. As I'm cleaning him up and wiping off my hands, he pees AGAIN, this time on the wall next to him. I let out a little laugh and started to clean up that mess because SURELY he doesn't need to pee anymore. Oh no, he DOES need to pee some more and that ends up on my hand too because the rag I got to clean up the first two messes is now soaked. 20 minutes later we are both cleaned up, in dry clothes and ready to go to the store. When will I learn to NEVER leave a baby boy without a diaper for longer than you absolutely have to?

Probably about the time he learns to be potty trained. :)

The end.