Monday, April 28, 2008

Abbott's first concert

On Sunday, Ryan had his first show since Abbott was born. This is not the rock band that he plays for but a "side project" made up of mostly the same guys in the rock band. The side project is called "Art Four Sale" (four guys....four sale....get it?) and they play instrumental music at a much lower volume. The show on Sunday was at Arrington Vineyards, a local winery that opened up last year. On the weekends, they host "Music in the Vines." You can bring a picnic, taste their wines, buy a bottle, enjoy the music and hang out on the grounds (75 acres in the rolling hills of Arrington, TN, just outside of Franklin.

Beautiful, huh?

Abbott enjoyed listening to his daddy's music even though it was rainy and a little bit chilly yesterday. The woman holding him is a friend of Steve and Doug named Denise. She and her daughter, Katie, and niece, Heather, sat with Abbott and me and we had a great time enjoying some cheese, wine, and some great music and scenery. Sidenote: Denise will be 50 this year and the day before ran the Music City 1/2 marathon! Way to go!

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Jamita said...

Abbott says, "I thought daddy was a rock star..."