Sunday, April 6, 2008

8 days home

Well, we have been home for a week and one day now and so I suppose it's time to write a little update. Our first night home was a disaster.....up and down, in and out of bed, lots of crying, etc. The second night was a complete contrast to the first. Everything went smoothly and it seemed like I had never slept better than I did that night, even though I was awake every 2-3 hours. It's amazing what a little perspective can do. Roxie came home 2 days after we did and was immediately trapped inside the house because of 2 whole days of constant rain. She would have been unhappy to begin with, but now she was trapped inside the house with this new little crying thing that sucks up all her mom's and dad's attention. She was not happy, but I think she has grown to love her new baby Abbott and might even be quite protective of him. Her bark has been a little more fierce lately when she sees a stranger.

Abbott is becoming more and more alert throughout the day although we can never seem to catch him on camera when he is! Here are some precious pictures we have captured over the past few days:

Since today was so gorgeous, Abbott was able to experience his first outing....and I was finally able to get out of our tiny house (which seems a lot smaller when you can't go anywhere). Jami and Jack took us to our cousin's rugby match and Abbott stayed the whole time in his baby bjorn just snoozing away. It was a great nap for him and some much needed sunshine for me.

I can't believe a week has already gone by. He has already changed so much in just 8 days! He is smiling some (I know it's probably gas, but it's still adorable), he's getting stronger every day at lifting up his little head, and he's becoming more alert and really using his eyes and trying to focus. We get to go to the doctor on Friday for his 2 week check up. We are hoping that he is back up to his birth weight by then....I think he'll do it, he's been eating like a champ. I will post some more pictures soon. His great-Wannie and great-Poppa arrive in Nashville on Monday and so we will have plenty of pictures with their time here too!


Cornelius Crew said...

Your all look great! He is such a sweetie! I'm glad that every thing is going well. and jsut so you know, all three of our first nights at home ( with eaach kid) were miserable... don't know why that is, but I sure wish some one had told me that prior to it happening... I guess i should've warned you! Congrats again!

awhitaker said...

Kelly, Your little one is adorable! And you look so good! I'm glad to know ya'll are doing ok.

The Brogies said... the haircut! Oh yeah...Abbott is so incredibly adorable!! Can I say he looks very much like Ryan??!! Hopefully he gets your contagious laugh (and much more)! You guys are a beautiful family of 3! Congrats!

Rach & Bri

emilyspeech said...

Kelly, You and Abbott look beautiful and happy. Congratulations!