Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our first (uneventful) trip to the hospital

Well, yesterday was fun. I was at work all day and had been noticing that Abbott wasn't being quite as active as he usually is and just about the time I would start to get a little nervous, he would move. I was also having some abdominal cramping so just to be safe, I called my doctor. She suggested that I go ahead to the hospital for some monitoring just to be safe. Surprisingly calm, I headed to the hospital and called Ryan and told him the update and he met me there. Nurse Brenda got me all hooked up to the monitors and picked up Abbott's heartbeat right away (that was nice to hear). Everything with him looked pretty good. She had me stay hooked up for about half an hour or so just to watch his activity and sure enough, he perked up and started moving around and getting back to his old self. The nurse said that his lack of movement was probably because he was in a deep sleep (lucky dude) and she said my cramping was more than likely due to dehydration. She sent me on my way and we immediately went to eat dinner, where I drank about 12 glasses of water with my meal. Today has been much different with Abbott's activity level...he's very active today and has actually been causing me some pain because of how much he's moving. I suppose it's all or nothing with this kid. I go to the doctor again tomorrow for a routine check up so I will add what information I can after that appointment.

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Jamita said...

No nephew on my birthday. :(