Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Abbott update (AKA most stubborn baby EVER)

I had yet another doctor appointment this morning and here is the scoop: I have made little if any progress in the whole dilation game. My cervix is what the doctor keeps calling "unfavorable" meaning that if she were to induce labor, I would have a rough go and probably not be able to deliver a baby and end up with a c-section anyway. I am currently 39 weeks pregnant which does not make me "full term" yet so the plan is to wait another week and see what happens then. At my next appointment, I am scheduled to have another ultrasound to estimate his weight and see how giant they think he might be. This will help us decide on whether to go ahead and schedule a c-section or to wait and go overdue and see if my cervix decides to become favorable. I have a whole week to decide or go into labor on my own. I have been trying many of the old wives' tales to no avail.....which, according to the several nurses I have asked as well as my research, are just that: old wives' tales. THEY DON'T WORK.

You may ask,"Kelly, aren't you a little frustrated?" The answer would be, "Yes, I am."
You also may ask, "Kelly, aren't you tired of people asking you if you're sure there is only one baby in your belly?" The answer would be, "Yes, I am."
And you may ask, "Kelly, do you wish that you could once again bend over easily to tie your own shoes?" Again, the answer would be, "Yes, I am."

Regarding those pressing and important questions, I have to say that there are women who are in much worse shape than I am at 39 weeks pregnant. I am grateful that the baby and I are both healthy and that I can still be up and around at this point, doing the things that need to get done. And despite all the frustrations that I feel right now, at the end of this I am going to meet a beautiful baby boy named Abbott and I will love him....regardless of how he makes his grand entrance into this world. :)


Jamita said...

Abbott can't qualify as the most stubborn baby ever unless he arrives later than Jack did at one week late. Hang in there. It will all be over soon and Abbott will be with us forever! YAY!

Momo Jo said...

that's my girl :)

love from the grandmother of the most stubborn baby EVER

Amy Wood said...

Hang in there! He'll get here when he's ready :) We'll pray that it's sooner rather than later. Can't wait to meet Abbott!

Kiley said...

Actually he isn't being stubborn at all. He is just waiting for me to finish all my meds so that I can come see him in the hospital :)

Anna Louise said...

Hey Kelly and Ryan!

I love hearing updates about the adventures of pregnancy. Joe (my fiance) and I are moving back to Nashville in April so hopefully we will run into you and a new born baby sometime! We are going to be looking for a house in East Nashville... that is where ya'll are right? Keep the updates coming and good luck with the weeks and months ahead!