Sunday, November 29, 2009


Thankful is defined as feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative. While that's a great and accurate definition of the word, I feel that those words are very limiting to the way I have felt the past week. In fact, as I look back over the last year or so of my life, I am reminded of how thankful I should truly be. I think I'll make an early resolution this year and try and find my gratitude all year long rather than focus on it at one time of the year. All that being said, I took some really great pictures in this past week and I would like to share a few moments that show why I am so thankful.

Saturday, November 21, 2009: My dear friend, Sarah gave birth to a healthy, perfect and precious baby girl. She and her husband, Jeff, named her Lucy Marie.

I was in Knoxville for Lucy's arrival, but I am THANKFUL that I got to come home the next day and meet this precious angel. She already loves her Aunt Kelly. :)
I am THANKFUL that I have friends in my life that are as good, fun and smart as these two people.
I am THANKFUL that I have a charming little boy who is as expressive as he is smart!
I am THANKFUL for parade-watching in our pjs.
I am THANKFUL for made-from-scratch desserts.
I am THANKFUL that Tim was responsible for carving the turkey...and not me!
I am THANKFUL for a beautiful mother-in-law who makes her own gravy...even if she won't let me take a picture of anything more than her hands!
I am THANKFUL that Justin was there to test the turkey.
I am THANKFUL that Joan (Janet's sister) and her husband, Jack, surprised Janet for Thanksgiving...I am pretty sure it brought happy tears to her eyes.
I am THANKFUL for a beautiful table at which to eat.
If I can't have Wannie's angel biscuits, then I am THANKFUL for Sister Schubert's yeast rolls.
I am THANKFUL for this bountiful meal...the one I had to stand on a barstool to fit it all into the photograph! To be exact, this meal contained the following: One 20-pound turkey, 3 types of dressing, green bean casserole, sauteed green beans, asparagus casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit salad, rolls, cake, 2 pumpkin pies and fudge.
I am THANKFUL for a place setting as warm and cozy as this one.
I am THANKFUL for looong walks after the meal to help it all settle!

I am THANKFUL that Doug humored me and pretended to be asleep again for this picture...the one I messed up when he actually was asleep.
I am THANKFUL for this precious little man who makes me laugh, shows me how smart he is, and tells me he loves me on a daily basis. I am THANKFUL for the man (of whom I didn't get a close up picture) who is helping me raise Abbott, and working with me to bring up a caring and responsible man.
While I didn't spend time with Mom, Dad, Jami, Jarred and Jack this year at Thanksgiving, I am THANKFUL that I get to see them regularly, that I got to have pre-Thanksgiving with them the weekend before, and that I got to see Jami and Jack the Monday before Thanksgiving (Jarred, we'll have to work on getting you here more often).

I am THANKFUL for a job...a job that challenges me and rewards me daily...a job where even though I make very little money, I know that I am a part of making other lives better.

I am THANKFUL that the people who read this will not care that I am expressing my thankfulness after Thanksgiving. I am THANKFUL that the people who read this care enough about me to actually read this and I know they love me and my family.

What are you THANKFUL for?


Jami said...

I am thankful for an awesome sister! Good post! Love you!

janet said...

Thank you Kelly for the awesome representation of Thanksgiving at our house, where you are always loved!I am most thankful for the additional love of you and April and your families...We have an abundance of happiness,heart, intelligence, and old fashion hard work among us all..and this I am most grateful for.." Here's to many more fun and always exciting holidays to come!"

Mark said...

I am thankful for you and all that you love.