Saturday, July 11, 2009


***Warning...this will be a VEEEERRRRRRRYYYYYYY long post with very many precious pictures and some cool ones too***

On Monday, Ryan, Abbott and I headed out with Tim and Janet (AKA Pops and Grammie) to fly out to Orlando and begin a week of fun at Disney World (my first time!!). Once there, we met up with Ryan's brother, Justin and his wife, well as her parents, Ron and Regina, and her sister, Amy. The more, the merrier, right? We had TONS of fun and here are only some of the pictures to prove it!

We stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in "Martinique." Here is a picture from our balcony.
Once we checked in and made it to our rooms, we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner at Raglan Road, an Irish pub complete with an Irish band and fantastic bread pudding...and I am not even a huge fan of bread pudding, but, believe me, this was AWESOME. On our way out, we saw some local wildlife in the courtyard.
Abbott quickly made friends as was the case on every shuttle ride, every day...although not always with ducks.
3 generations waiting for the know, you can take a shuttle anywhere. We didn't rent a car because Disney shuttled us and our luggage from the airport to the resort, from the resort to any park we were going to, and then back to the airport again.
Here is part of downtown Disney. Do you know what movie these guys are from?
Home of the best bread pudding I have ever had.
This guy is made completely of legos....the small kind. He is just one of many displays right outside the Legos store.
So close to realizing one of my childhood dreams. At this point, I hadn't made it to her castle yet, so a statue would have to suffice.
I bought Abbott some genuine Mickey ears with his name on the back. He wouldn't wear them the night we bought them, but we all tried real hard to get him to put them on. He was just too tired from a day of traveling, I guess.

The next morning was to be our first day in the parks. We headed to Magic Kingdom, first. Abbott was OK with his ears this time....thank goodness! He looks so cute in them!

This is the entrance to Magic Kingdom. I finally made it!
Not too impressed yet!
The castle!!!
We rode "It's a Small World." I LOVED IT!
In line to ride the Dumbo fun!
Grammie and Pops were in the Dumbo in front of us!
Next, we rode the carousel. I love the look on his face in this one.
Abbott decided to nap for a bit in his stroller so Grammie and Pops headed off with him, while Ryan, Justin, April, Regina, Amy, Ron and I headed off to ride some of the futureland rides. Lucky for us, Buzz Lightyear was there to greet us! We took this picture for Jack....ok and maybe for me too!
Futureland is cool...everywhere.
Tuesday night, we all headed out to a luau. It was a great night for it! This is the night that I got about 8 bug bites on one leg....this was the beginning of a long and itchy trip for me, but don't we look cute?
Wednesday morning, we went back to Magic Kingdom to catch a few of the other things we didn't get to do the day before and caught a princess show...SWEET!
We met Pooh and Tigger...right after we rode the Pooh ride!
Here is one of my childhood dreams coming true! I also met Belle and Aurora this day.
We headed to Toon Town to meet Mickey and Abbott fell asleep as we were next in line. Mickey and Minnie both gave him a kiss and he never even knew!
That afternoon, we headed to Hollywood Studios to see what we could see, and also for our scheduled dinner at Hollywood and Vine, a 50's style diner with a killer buffet.

This is the Tower of Terror. I rode it...and almost peed in my pants.
We took Abbott to see a Playhouse Disney show. This included all the fun kids shows characters from the Disney Channel: Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, and of course, Mickey and the gang! He danced his little head off...Justin has some good video of that so when he sends it to me, I will post that.
Thursday was Epcot Day. We had breakfast with the princesses in Norway. Epcot has the whole world in just one park....amazing, right?
He is making this face....
as he is seeing these guys:
Here is Abbott with a Norwegian viking (very manly) we wait to eat breakfast with the princesses (not so very manly).
I LOVED it that we met Snow White. Abbott could not have cared less, but he met Ariel this day too. Since we met Cinderella, Belle and Aurora the day before, he wasn't too thrilled about them either. He was more interested in the food on his plate.
Here we are waiting in line for "Test Track." It simulates the testing they do on cars before they send them out on the road to be sold. Best part of this ride was when it simulated took a curve at 70 mph. Pretty fun.
OK, it's at this point in the trip that things got unexpectedly interesting. I already had about 12 more bites on my legs than I did after the luau so I was miserable with itching. We headed back to Magic Kingdom for the electric parade and maybe the fireworks show, if Abbott could hang (fireworks started at 10:00). We had claimed a spot right on the town square, which is the perfect place to view both the parade and then the fireworks. Grammie and Pops headed out to get a snack, while Abbott, Ryan and I held our spot on the route. Things were going well...Abbott was happy, time was passing quickly, when suddenly we heard the crowd go, "OOOOH!" We looked over to see Grammie on the ground. Ryan ran over to check on her and she couldn't get up. Her shoe had gotten caught on the lip of the curb as she stepped back onto the sidewalk, and she fell right on her left knee. After several attempts to try and walk, with no success, some park attendants got her a wheelchair and took her, unwillingly (she really wanted to see the parade!) to the first aid center, where it was determined that she needed more medical help than they could give her. So, Thursday night, Grammie rode out of Magic Kingdom in an ambulance and headed to the hospital. Ryan, Abbott and I watched the parade and the fireworks as planned and we met back up at the hotel. Diagnosis? Broken knee cap. BIG OLE BUMMER, but you know what? This could have ruined the rest of the trip for some people, but she didn't let it! Grammie the trooper hung in there like a champ and the show went a wheelchair so nicely loaned to us by the resort. Here are some pictures from the parade and fireworks show.

Abbott took this one.
This is how he saw a lot of the parade, until he got too tired.

Friday morning was Animal Kingdom, and also Grammie's birthday! This is the view of Mount Everest from the bridge to Africa. Mount Everest is actually a roller coaster, did you know that? I rode it, and it was awesome. And I saw a yeti.
The view of the safari convoy as we waited for our truck.
Getting ready to leave for our safari!
The giraffe really was this close to our truck.
The lion was not...I used my zoom lens for this shot!

We saw the "Celebration of the Lion King" show. It was so fun! Abbott loved sitting in the front row...he waved at every performer that came near.
This guy was directly to our left. I had to lean back to fit him in the shot, since he was so close.

Friday night was our birthday dinner for Janet. Here is the happy birthday girl at the table at "Yak and Yeti." Yes, that was really the name of the restaurant. Funny name, awesome food.
It rained a lot on Friday, and we actually spent a good part of the afternoon under a pavilion avoiding the rain until our dinner. When dinner was over, we discovered it was raining pretty hard so Grammie had to get suited up in her chair! I told you she was a good sport!
So, final tally for the week:
Number of broken bones: 1
Number of bug bites: 23
Number of sunburns: 0 (yay!)
Number of parks visited: 4
Number of pictures taken: over 400
Number of smiles: infinite.

Thanks, Grammie and Pops for a wonderful trip! The memories made this week will last forever!


Jami said...

Looks like so much fun. Now I really want to take Jack!

Jami said...

P.S., Fantasia.

Natalie said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! My favorite place in the whole wide world!! I'm glad you had fun!
I'm so sorry Janet broke her knee cap!!!!! She's such a trooper to keep going!!!

the artest said...


i literally was telling Ben that we need to go back there this morning! looks like you had a great time despite that pesky knee cap (hope she's doing better!!!)

Heidi said...

Looks like you had a blast!!! That really sucks about Jane's broken knee cap - that cannot be fun but she looked like a trooper to me! Can't wait to see videos.

emilyspeech said...

Awesome trip!!! I love Abbott smiled so much at Mickey and friends and showed no interest in the Princesses! That's funny! It's as if he said 'Mom, those are for girls not boys!'