Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a fun day!

Abbott and I had a super fun Saturday together! It was nice to have a day to not be committed to anything and just make our own plans. Abbott slept in this morning and when we woke up, we got ready and headed to the zoo. It was, again, a crazy day there since it was Saturday, 70 degrees and sunny. It's nice to have the membership because on those crowded days we can just walk by the crowded exhibits and not feel guilty...we can just see it next time!

After lunch and a nice afternoon nap, we headed down to Arrington Vineyards to watch Ryan play for the first time this season. It was such a beautiful evening, with an amazing sunset....and would you believe I forgot my camera?! Oh well. We met up with Tim and Janet/Pops and Grammie and my friends HollyBeth and Dillon. We had a lovely picnic with some fantastic music! Abbott enjoyed riding in his wagon and walking all over the vineyard (holding onto hands of course). While we were walking around, this super cute little girl bounces up to us and says this: "HI! MY NAME'S VIVIAN! V-I-V-I-A-N AND I AM FOUR YEARS OLD WHAT'S HIS NAME HOW OLD IS HE? I LOVE HIM I THINK HE IS SO CUTE I HAVE A LITTLE BROTHER NAMED HUDSON AND HE IS TWO AND I LOVE HIM AND HE IS CUTE BUT I THINK THIS BABY IS CUTER THAN MY BROTHER! WHAT'S YOUR NAME WHAT'S HIS NAME AGAIN I KEEP FORGETTING LOOK THERE'S MY BROTHER NOW HE LIKES BABIES TOO LOOK HUDSON ISN'T THIS BABY CUTE WHAT'S HIS NAME AGAIN?" I don't think she stopped bouncing the whole time she was speaking. After Vivian has followed us from near her table to ours and plopped herself down in one of our chairs and kissed Abbott on the mouth more times than I can count (even though I politely and repeatedly asked her to get out of his face--we just got over being sick for crying out loud!), her mom finally finds her and asks her to come back over to their table. This encounter happens a couple of other times and I start to wonder how this little girl has seemingly unending energy. Then I observe little Vivian bounce by our table carrying a chocolate cupcake. Questions answered.

All in all, it was a beautiful evening and the perfect end to an awesome day! Hope that we have more days like this coming soon!


Jamita said...

Abbott's got a girlfriend and she's an OLDER WOMAN??? I am going to have to have a talk to him. We're going to have that kind of fun day today. No vineyard, but we're going to the zoo! Love ya!

Audra Lynn said...

Vivian. There's a name you don't hear on a four-year-old very often. And for some reason, this story made me randomly think, "Can I see your keys???" Ha!