Friday, March 20, 2009

BBQ face

In case you don't read my sister's blog and you don't know, Abbott and I went to Memphis last weekend with Jami and Jack. We met up with some family friends and their kids and just had a good ole' time! What are things that you do in Memphis with young children? Well, you must first take them to the Peabody hotel to see the ducks and immediately follow that with a lunch at Rendezvous BBQ. If you have never eaten there, and you like BBQ, then you should because it's just sooooo good. It's quite different than the TX wet BBQ that I grew up with, but as a Texan, I appreciate ALL kinds of BBQ. Abbott wasn't able to try any ribs or sausage, but he did try some of their baked beans and LOVED them. Jami let me have her camera for a bit and I caught this cute picture of Abbott after he finished his beans.

Pretty awesome, right? I am so proud!


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Jamita said...

He will certainly like ribs once he gets all his teeth!

Momo Jo said...

barbecue face, it's a good look!