Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recent pictures and updates

We have had a little bit of a busy week so I feel like I haven't done any blogging in too long! I recently got a promotion at work. The circumstances under which I was promoted weren't the best, the girl whose position I have now is on bed rest until her baby is born. She is due in early March. She and the baby are fine, but her body just wants to go into labor and it's way too early. Please say prayers for them that they can hold off delivery until it is safe for the baby to be born. So with her out, for an unspecified amount of time, I got promoted to her position and this week was my first week in an office instead of the classroom. It was different, but I liked it. My new title is Director of Education. Abbott got sick last week and we found out he had a double ear infection and he just finished up treatment for that and his nose is still all snotty. 'Tis the season I suppose. Ryan caught himself a cold but seems to be feeling a little better. He works all day today and then has to play out at the vineyard. It is really cold here so Abbott and I are staying warm and cozy inside today. We aren't leaving unless we have to!

This is one of Abbott's Roxie faces. He loves Roxie. He laughs and grins whenever she walks through the room. He is fascinated by her. Roxie does not feel the same way although I think she does feel protective over him.

We went over to our friends' house the other night for dinner. Chase is a chef and Kiley is a nurse and they have a little boy named Cooper who will be 2 in January. This is the yummy dinner that Chase made for us...

Abbott and Cooper hanging out.

Cooper trying to play with Abbott. It'll be fun when Abbott figures out how to play.

We made Kiley hold Abbott all night so she could learn to like him.

Abbott got a new shirt that I just think is too funny! It's losing its humor as his hair grows in, but it's still a cute shirt.

Last weekend, Ryan played out at the vineyard. Here are some pictures from our afternoon there.

My friend, Sarah, and me.

Sarah and her husband, Jeff.

It has been a fun and eventful week. Next week we travel to Knoxville for Thanksgiving! I am sure between Jami, Mom and Dad, and me we will have plenty of pictures to post! Stay warm!

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