Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a week!

Here are some pictures from my crazy busy week:

Abbott at school, wearing his cool hat!

Daddy and Abbott enjoying the fine Fall weather on the porch.

My class made Letter Pretzels this week. It was so easy and very tasty! The dough is similar to Play Doh so it was easy for the kids to work with. If you want to try it at home, the recipe is below the picture.

1 1/2 sticks butter or margarine
1/2 c. sugar
1 3/4 c. flour
2 tbsp. milk
1 tsp. vanilla

Beat butter and sugar. Add flour, milk, and vanilla. Chill. Divide dough into four parts. Roll each piece into and 8 inch strand. Twist into letter shapes. Bake at 375 degrees till golden brown.

Each year Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville holds an exhibit called Scarecrows! It is open to all who wish to participate and the scarecrows are on display for about 2 months. My class made one and here it is. It's a bit amateur but I'd say not too shabby for a first time effort. Below is our scarecrow and some of the others from the exhibit.

This one was called "Bippidy Boppidy Boo"

"Scary Poppins"

No art exhibit would be complete without a Hannah Montana reference.

"Frankenfurter: the Halloweiner"

And it wouldn't be a Nashville exhibit without a Kix Brooks scarecrow!

Abbott really enjoyed strolling around the gardens.

This one was super cool.


This one was awesome. It was made of all recyclable materials.

"Scary Potter"

On Saturday night. Ryan's band, beggars fortune, played an outdoor concert at a local park. It was beautiful weather so Abbott and I took a blanket and hung out for a while.

This isn't their band. They played after dark so I didn't get any good pictures of them, but believe me, it was a great show!

Abbott is really growing up fast! This past week, he celebrated is 6 month birthday! He is rolling all over the place, sitting up (with a little cushioning behind him!), and eating some veggies now with his cereal. He says he wants everyone to come visit him and see how big he is!


Cornelius Crew said...

I should make an Elvis scarecrow- Dayton has an Elvis obcession so that would be cool to him and he and I are going to try the pretzels this week. Thanks for the idea...keep em coming I can always use stuff like that! By the way, love Abbott in the hat!

Jamita said...

Tell him I will come see him soon! Looks like a fun week! Love ya.

Chad Jarnagin said...

miss you guys.

Audra Lynn said...

I dig the letter pretzels. Aidan and I will have to try those!