Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gentry's Farm

Today our school went on a field trip to a local family farm that opens up every fall for picking pumpkins, hayrides, corn mazes and games. It is super fun and you get to do it all for $6! Abbott and I went and I really enjoyed it....I think Abbott liked observing everything. Maybe next year he will enjoy it more! It was a sunny and brisk morning so it was perfect weather for being outdoors! Here are some pictures from our morning.

Abbott and I on the hayride.....which, incidentally, did not include hay.

It was a farm and there were cows....and it smelled like cows.

I think I caught this horse in the middle of a poop. My bad.

While we were on our hayride, the little boy sitting next to us started playing with Abbott and making him laugh. He was about 5 or 6 and his name was Taylor. After a few seconds of silence Taylor looks at me and asks, "Why are his cheeks so big?" :) Here is a picture of Abbott and his cheeks.


Audra Lynn said...

Aw, I love his cheeks.

Jamita said...

He has the best cheeks. Looks like fun. Next year Jack & Abbott will have fun!

Popo said...

I think a hayride without hay should be called a Hey! ride. I love Abbott's cheeks, too.

Jamita said...

I just noticed that Abbott is wearing his old man sweater that you gave Jack. Cute!!!