Friday, May 16, 2008

One week later....

Well, we went to Texas for a whole week and it just didn't seem like long enough. We had a blast visiting with Wannie and Poppa and Abbott enjoyed meeting much of his TX family. We had a lovely shower on Meredith Hill and a bunch of people came out to meet Abbott and visit. Many people weren't there, and we missed them, but it was Mother's day weekend so I'll give them a break! :) Believe it or not, I forgot my camera on the trip so I didn't take a single picture while there! Have no fear, though, because Jami was there with her trusty (and better) camera so pictures were taken. You can view her blog with pictures and all here:

We wished we could have stayed longer, but we're glad to be home!

Abbott went back to the doctor this morning and we are happy to report normal poop!

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Jamita said...

Hooray for normal poop!